Victor Ramirez: Managing 50+ Custom Enterprise Plugins in the Age of Gutenberg

I recently joined Dow Jones as a WP developer. I discovered not everyone was a WP developer but PHP or other developers who did some WordPress. I had to figure out how to win adoption of ‘the WordPress way’ across multiple countries, devs, stakeholders, & online publications. We also had to make sure that legacy plugins, tools, etc kept up with the new changes of WordPress 5. I’ll share how I won adoption and coordination by using Git for collaboration, regularly scheduled meetings (without death by meetings), & creating standards. I’ll also give a peek at pitfalls to avoid when trying to work within org that never did remote before & worked with multiple outside agencies.

Zach Tirrell: Adapting to Gutenberg – How The Events Calendar is Embracing the Block Editor

The forthcoming block editor in WordPress has forced us to reimagine how users build content with our plugins—plugins like The Events Calendar, which have more than half a million active users. Join Zach Tirrell, Modern Tribe’s Director of Product, as he recaps our experiments in design, strategy, and development that have helped us ensure our plugins take full advantage of the new editor while gracefully supporting content from the old one.

James Hall: A little accessibility goes a long way

HeX Productions are working on their way to become a fully accredited accessible agency with every project being tested internally and externally for accessibility issues, it’s not been an easy road and we would like to share our experiences with you. By providing live demonstrations and real world experiences James will talk through quick wins to help make your sites accessibility and help you agency move forward to only producing accessible websites without interfering with workflow. James has a background of university work with sites such as Longwood and Queen Mary.

Janine Paris: SMTP WTF BBQ??

Whether it’s form or order notifications, marketing emails or newsletters, websites send email to us and our visitors. These messages are important for conducting any kind of business online. You don’t have to be a server admin to make sure your websites’ emails get delivered! Understanding a few basics will give you the tools to setup and troubleshoot all manner of email communication from your WordPress website. Takeaways: How email and the WordPress email function work in non-technical terms. Correct settings for outgoing email messages. Email escalation – when and how to use SMTP services and plugins.

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