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Dominion79 was founded back in 2010 by Steven Wilson, over the years it has grown into a digital agency of thinkers, coders and designers with a passion for what they create.

Our goal is to be a leader in our industry, providing our clients with a first class service and exceptional quality by ensuring the highest standards are met at all times. We make stuff that makes you happy, websites, apps, posters, whatever, it doesn't matter, we put our passion and creativity into everything we build.

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Meet the team

Meet some of the big brains behind Dominion79 who bring the passion, inspiration and creativity necessary to do to our work, each with their own set of valuable skills and special powers.

Steven Wilson

Steven Wilson

Founder & Developer

Steven founded Dominion79 back in 2010, he has a passion of design, development and all things shiny, he loves to work with new people.

Mark Berthelemy

Mark Berthelemy

Soloutions Architect

Mark is our technical project manager, consultant and solution architect - with experience gained across large and small public & private sector organisations. He also plays keyboard, bass guitar, rhythm guitar and trumpet!

Penny Wilson

Penny Wilson

Quality Assurance

Penny is the Quality Assurance tester at Dominon79, she is quick, has an eye for detail and has the special skill of remembering long sequences of numbers.

Emma Clark

Emma Clark

UX Designer & Developer

Emma is a UX Designer and Developer at Dominion79, she loves getting to know your business and transforming your requirements into beautiful websites, her special skill is drawing people as animals.

Christian Sayers

Christian Sayers

System Admin

Christian is our lead system admin at Dominion79, he looks after all of our servers. He is an expert and one of the best in his field.

Cash - The Studio Dog


Free Loader

Our office mascot and an all round freeloader, special skill would be making biscuits disappear...quickly!

What can you offer?


What can you offer?

We are always looking for new people to work with so why not get in touch and send us your CV.

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